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Barco Vac Sander

Shark Tank

Shark Tank Kevin Harrington, one of the original Shark Tank hosts, and BVG Global are launching an revolutionary new patented Barco Vac Sander, with incredible technology never seen before!


One Power Readers


The Revolutionary Reader® with
Flexible Power


The Shave Doctor


Twist One readers


Vinghen Ti1







HemAway Seat


Food Storage Container

BVG INVESTING IN INVENTORS is excited to enter into the $34 billion worldwide home remedy category with our patent pending new PLUS REMEDY ICE FREEZER POPS.

Food Storage Container



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BVG INVESTING IN INVENTORS! Recognizes the prestige of the SWAROVSKI brand that represents elegance, sophistication and classic styling.

SWAROVSKI annual revenue is over 3 billion dollars with year round heavy consumer adverting support.

BVG is launching the first Patented PoniLox French Ponytail Clip with the SWAROVSKI brand name that offers a pivoting clip and elastic membrane technology that offers multiple ponytail styles like no other on the market.

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INVESTING IN INVENTORS on going product diversification, we are now moving into the 200 billion dollar beer category with a German beer like no other in the World.

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Bulgarian wine is back!


Beyond Vision Global


BVG continues to expand its product base. Now entering into the $4.2 trillion health and wellness category.

Our new Hemaway/MAX is the only patented product that reduces and numbs pain faster than other products with a unique greaseless formula.