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BVG | Vision for the World | Bringing Technology Direct to Retail

What We Do

The Challenge! Many of the consumer package goods companies are not creating truly new technology but instead making minor alterations to products already on the market. Retailers are looking to increase dollar volume and stop the cannibalization in their stores and are looking for products that increase each categories overall revenue.

Our goal, at BVG, is seeking inventors and/or companies that have new technology products that are truly incremental to existing products and apply each aspect of our organization to have their product concept reach the ultimate end user. We further add potential product line extensions to the existing technology that can expand the use for products into many more categories.

The new technology companies become clients with BVG with each technology company contracting for different levels of BVG's organizational offerings. We provide each level of our organization as needed.

BVG management team highly skilled associates work directly with the technology individuals and/or companies in getting the technology product concept ready for retail. This process can necessitate several levels of our organization to be sure the product meets all retail and law requirements.

Our investor group will evaluate the potential of each innovative, patented technology product and consider financing requirements, if required.

The product launch is the next step in getting the technology product to the consumer. Our marketing team will establish the consumer support and product direction with our national sales executives securing distribution in those retailers that reach 90% of all consumers in more than 30,000 retail outlets in North America.